Client Spotlight: Emma and Jace Murray

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Today we are spotlighting two of our clients, Emma and Jace Murray. In the process of their fourth transaction with the Zachos Team, we talked to Emma to see how their journey towards finding a home has developed over time.

“We have sold two properties and bought one with The Zachos Team. We sold our first home in November 2020 and also bought our second home two weeks after we sold our first home. We recently sold our second home in December 2023. We haven't bought anything yet but are working with The Zachos Team to buy what could be our last property for a long time.”

As with many home buyers, Emma and Jace had a clear vision in mind for what they were looking for. She cites this as a helpful tip for anyone else getting ready to purchase a home.

“It helps to know exactly what you want if you’ve done the research.”

In their case, it was space and land.

“Our second home that we bought with The Zachos Team in November 2020 was probably our biggest buy thus far. We were upgrading in house size and also with the amount of land. We really would like to start a farm, and buying something that is on a good amount of acreage is important to us.”

In the case of these needs, The Zachos Team was able to step up and handle two home transitions, one of which is now ongoing. Paul’s experience in holding deals together has been invaluable in helping Emma and Jace find where they’d like to settle down.

“The Zachos Team always excels at their excellent customer service and putting the client first. The one thing that I appreciate the most is that Paul keeps us in check when it comes to looking at properties and gives us good advice. Paul doesn't sugarcoat it and I appreciate it when someone can be upfront with me and keeps my expectations realistic.”

Paul is so committed, in fact, that he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to showing even the most undeveloped areas. He recounts how he got his Jeep stuck in a ditch while assisting his clients.

“It was basically somewhat of a dry, low area in the field that still had some water in it. The tall grass had kind of hidden it and I didn’t think it was as swampy as it was.”

Jace tried to warn him to no avail.

“He said ‘I think this spot is kind of low, and I said, ‘Ah, it’ll be okay, we’ll get over it.’ Next thing you know, we’re not.”

Thanks to some nearby friends, Paul was able to get the Jeep out, but he certainly had to spend a lot of time washing away mud.

The Zachos Team is proud to represent Emma and Jace and assist them in their process. If you’re in need of help to buy or sell your own property, please contact us today. As for Emma and Jace, their choice to reach out was a clear-cut decision.

“We were ready to take the next step in our journey to find that piece of property that we can call our forever home.”


Written by Paul Zachos